Beauty Review : Glam Glow Brightmud Eye Treatment

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On this occasion, i want to review about this HOLY GRAIL eye mask. I think this eye mask is a must have for everyone, especially those who are busy and lack of sleep (career women please raise your hands! :p). Here are the pictures :

The Hologram Packaging

Hi too, Sexy ;)

Instruction 1

Instruction 2

The mask pod. You'll have to use ALL of it on each eye. Because one package is for one time use only.

Before using the eye mask, tired looking eye (darker and puffy eye bag)

While using the mask. Leave it for 3 minutes only on each eye. CAUTION: this product has a burning effect but just a litte bit. After 3 minutes, all you have to do is wipe the mask with tissue. I repeat, WIPE THE MASK WITH TISSUE. DO NOT WASH IT:p.

After using the eye mask. See the difference?. The eye look renewed. The eyebag and puffiness is literally GONE! . The result is so instant. you don't need couple uses to see the difference.


Although the price is E X P E N S I V E (it costs almost 100 $ for 1 box that contains 12 pods), the product is really good and the price doesn't lie :p. I've only used one pod but until now my eye bag and puffiness doesn't come back. So i think this product has a long lasting result, therefore you don't need to use it very often and you don't need to buy another box for a long time!

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