Lancome Absolue Precious Pure (Sublime Cleansing Creamy Foam) Review

Hi All! *waving hands* :p

I'm back again with another review :D. Right now i want to review this multi function Lancome facial foam, called "Lancome Absolue Precious Pure : Sublime Cleansing Creamy Foam". This is basically a facial wash, that has many benefits for your facial skin. This product can be used as a Facial Mask and also as a face massaging cream. Here's the picture :

YES. The price is EX PEN SIVE~ . But thank Godness my cousin Anisa gave this for FREE :p.

This is how it looks like. When you want to use it, make sure that you don't push it too hard. Because the sprayer is very sensitive, therefore you only need to slightly push it to have the right amount.

It comes in a very moist and creamy mousse. And it smells REALLY NICE.

Say hi to Nadja :D. This photo is taken immediately after the application of the product, and it formed as a facial mask. Then, once you massage your face, it will transform into a massaging cream. 

After you rinse the cream, the skin feels very comfortable and moist. And the smell still remains very well.

Conclusion :

I really recommend this product to those who want a healthy facial skin without needing many facial products such as facial mask, and a moisturizer. Because both of us (me & my cousin Nadja) has a dry skin (especially me, my skin is even drier than her actually) and after we use this, we don't need to use any moisturizer on our face. And this product also brightens our skin, so we don't really need the facial mask anymore. The only problem is that this product is EX PEN SIVE. It cost 58 USD or 780.000 IDR. But this is Lancome anyway :p, and it comes in a decent size (150 ml), and a very good quality. So if you have the money, then go buy this! :D. 

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