Make Up Review and Comparison : NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Monte Carlo" vs The Balm "Mia Moore "

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I'm back again with another lipstick review :D. Right now i want to review these two lipsticks in beautiful bold red colour. The First one is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (NYX SMLC) in Monte Carlo and The Balm in Mia Moore. NYX SMLC is always be one of my favorite lipstick ever. I just love the smooth and semi liquid texture and how it feels on my lips. I also love the vanilla scent on my lips, it feels like i'm eating vanilla cake, and it lasted around 5-6 hours on my lips.

Meanwhile, The Balm is also my favorite, because it is actually has the similar colour with NYX SMLC Monte Carlo, with slightly different finishing texture (The Balm Mia Moore has a glossy effect while NYX doesn't) and also,  the price is more expensive. NYX SMLC Monte Carlo price is around 10-15 $ while The Balm Mia Moore is around 17-20 $. The lasting power of this lipstick is around 6-7 hours. Here are the pictures and comparisons:

Model : @nadjash . NYX SMLC Monte Carlo. 

Closer look NYX SMLC Monte Carlo.

The Balm Mia Moore On Model.

Closer look to The Balm Mia Moore.

Conclusion :
In the end they both have a very good quality. They also have the same colour result, the differences between these two are they have a slightly different texture and different price range. But after all, the NYX SMLC is the best and closest dupe to The Balm Mia Moore.

Because, with a lower price you will be able to duplicate The Balm Mia Moore's color and quality. So, my advice is if you want to duplicate Mia Moore's glossy effect, you can just use the NYX SMLC Monte Carlo and apply a thin layer of a clear lipgloss for the finishing touch. And TADAAAAAA! you'll have the lips of Mia Moore, The James Balm's Girl!

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Nadja Moore and Tasya Balm.


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