Make Up Tutorial : Kylie Jenner Inspired Make Up

Today i'm going to post a Kylie Jenner inspired make up tutorial (pictorial) . And as usual, i'm going to use (mostly) a drugstore products :D. And my Cousin, Nadja will (probably, ALWAYS) be my pictorial model. So, Let's just get started, shall we? :D.

First of all, before you applying any make up on your face, you MUST (at least for me it's a must) use a primer/ base make up. I used Make Over Corrective Base Make Up in #01 Cyanite, all over her face and also her eyelids (as an eyeshadow base)-- i honestly forgot to take the picture of IT -_- sorry, my bad.

Next, i'm going to (Heavy) contour her face with wardah double function kit concealer, using the lightest shade, and i apply it under her eyes, her eyebags, until the side of her eyes, on her chin, on her nose bridge and her middle of her forehead

Using the darker shade, i apply it oh her face that hasn't been covered with the lighter shade. And then i blend it with Masami Shouku Beauty Blender.

Using my favorite Make Up Academy Undress Me Too Palette, I'm Using shade #Lavish all over her eyelids,

 and then i used #Shy shade on her outer eye corner.

and then i used #wink shade on her outer lower lash line.

I used this Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Black colour on her upper lash line. After applying the eyeliner, move to the eyebrows, and fill them in with eyebrow pomade, or if you don't have it you can use Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner in #02 brown. And again i apologise for not taking the eyebrows picture -_-.

After i finish with her face contouring and eye make up, i'm using this Kryolan Supracolour Foundation in #2W shade with pink undertone (because i don't want to make her face look too yellow, so i'm using a foundation with pink undertone to neutralize the face contouring colour).

and to set her make up, i'm using this Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact all over her face.

On her cheeks, i use Benefit Blush On #Hervana, to add a little colour to her cheeks.

and then i use Make Over in #Bronzed, to add shimmery glam effects, just like The Kardashians, Especially Kylie!.

And now for the IT Lips. Kylie actually use MAC Lip Liner in #Whirl and MAC Lipstick #Faux. But, since we're in Indonesia and those series are not available in our country, so we decided to buy the closest dupe we can find here, which is, MAC lip liner in #NiceAndSpicy and PAC Lipstick in #CreamCaramel. 

Don't forget to OVERDRAW your lips. Make it bigger, and wider and bolder just like Kylie's lips!. Or... if you really want to have a plumper and bigger lips like Kylie without so much effort, you probably could use THIS :
NAAAH JUST KIDDING ! :)) . But if you still want to try it, try it at your own risk because I DID NOT RECOMMEND THIS BIZARRE THING.

in this tutorial, we use this super cheap falsies that we can found in a local market in our country, and the price is only 30- 50 cents USD. This eyelashes gives a natural effect yet still add more volume and length to your eyelashes, and it is not only suitable for daily use but you can also use it for party look.

And Here's the FINAL LOOK :D.

Kylie and Kylie Wannabe :p.

Outfit Details :

Denim Dress : Pull & Bear.

Watches : Tommy Hilfiger.

Bag : Kate Spade Saturday.

Bracelet : BCBG Generation.

Hope you guys love this tutorial, and i hope this tutorial helps you to achieve Kylie Jenner's look (especially, the LIPS).  And i'll see you guys in my next tutorial!.

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