Make Up Tutorial : Simple And Glowing Look for Eid Al-Fitr

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Make Up Tutorial : Simple And Glowing Look for Eid Al-Fitr

Today i'm going to post my very first make up tutorial ( simple pictorial) for special occasion, especially for this upcoming Eid Al- Fitr! And the good news is, i'm going to use (mostly) a drugstore products :D. And my Cousin, Nadja will be my pictorial model. So, Let's just get started, shall we? :D.

First of all, before you applying any make up on your face, you MUST (at least for me it's a must) use a primer/ base make up. I used Make Over Corrective Base Make Up in #01 Cyanite, all over her face and also her eyelids (as an eyeshadow base). 

And then i used Sarange BB cream as the substitute of Foundation, because i want to make this look as light, simple and natural as possible. 

for her eyes, i used Make Up Academy Undress Me Too Palette. I'm Using shade #wink all over her eyelids, and then i used #corrupt shade on her outer eye corner, and for my inner corners, i used a dot of #reveal shade to make her eyes pop.

I also applied a gel eyeliner on her upper lash line, using Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel eyeliner in #02 brown. 

In this tutorial i did not use mascara at all, instead i used a (very cheap yet light weight) falsies called Yours Falsies in#Y033. And it's only 5.000- 7.500 IDR per pair :D.

And i also used the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, to shape her eyebrow. And i must say, this is a very great substitute for ABH dipbrow pomade :D.

To Contour and highlight her face and my nose, i used Make over Face Contour Kit. Her face doesn't need a heavy contour, so i applied it only on her cheekbones and side of her nose.

For her cheeks, i used E.L.F contouring blush and bronzer in Saint Lucia. I applied the rosey colour on the apple of her cheeks and then i applied the bronzer over the contouring powder.

I also used a highlighter for glowing effect on her face using Make Over. I applied it on the bridge of her nose and her cheekbones.

And lastly, for the lips i use NYX Girls Gloss in shade #34 Real Nude.

After i finish with her make up, i'm going to make a simple hijab tutorial :D ! check the pictorial below :

1. Put your hijab, make sure that the right side and the left side are the same length.
2. Pull the right layer of your hijab from your right side to the left. 
3. And then secure it on your top of your head (the left side of your head) with a pin. And go back to the other side of the layer that hasn't been pinned, and then bring it to the back of your head to cover your back of your hijab.
4. It will look like this.

5. Repeat the first step, but just do it the other way around.
6. It will look like this.
7. Back to the other side of the layer that hasn't been pinned, and then bring it to the top of your head, and folded it before you pin it, to add more layers.
8. It will look like this.

1. Front look.
2.  Right side look.
3. Left side look.
4. Back Side look.

1. Bare Face
2. After Make Up
3. Hijab Selfie Number 1 :p
4. Hijab Selfie Number 2 :p :p.

And That's it. I'm finished! LOL. So i hope you enjoy my very first make up and hijab pictorial, for all muslim's sister out there, i wish you have a great Eid Al- Fitr with your family! 

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Cheers! and Wassalamualaikum, Wr, Wb.



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